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How Paid Work Mindset can Help- Working from Home

I cannot help comparing the home office to going out into paid employment. How the paid mindset can help.


Let’s compare the difference.


Paid Employment


When you are working for somebody else you rock up to work on time, at a set time, You work for an allocated section of time each day allowing for  Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea and lunch or similar.

You learn your job routine and action it effectively each day, concentrating solely on your allocated job. You put all your effort in to be a good employee and give it 100%.  You try to do a good job because your boss will certainly notice if you begin to slack off. You get paid a set amount at the end of the working week. Then you leave it all behind and go home to your personal space and life.

Working from Home, Home Office.


Instantly your time is more relaxed. You do not have to report in at a certain time. Nobody is watching you.  You are free to take as many breaks as you like. Your routine is your choice. Your work may blend into your home and personal life. You may have unexpected visitors, interruptions, or you may get caught up on online shopping or social media. Let’s face it working from home requires discipline.

By the end of the day, you may even have achieved very little.


So What if You Were to Adopt the Paid Employment discipline to your Home Business.?


This is just one way of looking at it. This mindset may help you to move forward and to have a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day.

Pretend you are working for somebody else. Arrive at your desk at a set time each day. Work out your days routine and complete it. Stop at set times for breaks. Tick off your diary as you work through your routine and have a set time of the day to finish. Then just walk away.

Repeat the next day and work your way to your goal.

If you are looking to make a living from home it just will never happen unless you are proactive and stay focused so you need to get yourself into a mindset that allows you to grasp what needs to be done each day and complete it.

Working for Someone Else.

When you work for someone else you simply get the job done. You work hard and fast with the aim to complete your tasks. Depending on what you are doing the time management becomes very important.

You could try this from home

Set a Time Goal- This is a really effective way of staying on track and getting things done.

Lock in a time, date in your diary that you are going to complete a task by, similar say to studying and completing an exam. Work towards the time goal knowing that it has to be completed by this date.




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