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Where to Spend Your Time Online

As many people take on a multitude of projects online many many ask “where to spend your time online.” Where is it going to count? What should I be putting my attention into today?

Of course, ideally, you would have just one project which would simplify how you spend your time online but what if, like myself, you find yourself caught up with a few projects on the go? It is too easy to neglect a blog or a social media following that you are building up when you have found a much sweeter cookie jar to play in.

So How do you Make each day Count?


Time Online


Or putting it another way. How do you make sure that you are giving quality time to each project?

I often praise a good day Diary, and yes I still do. Just having a physical item to work off can somehow keep your feet on the ground and encourage focus. If you have a few online projects that put pressure on your time, I can see just two options to ensure you stay moving forward in a positive and productive way.

  1. Take time to sit down and have a good think. If you have lost interest in one or two of them then perhaps it may be an idea to close them down or cut them loose. Any time of year is a good time for a spring clean.
  2. If you want to tackle them all without neglecting one. Then you need to allow time for each one in your diary each day. You may even find a way to incorporate one into another, for example, perhaps one project would be suitable for pinning on your Pinterest board or as a post to a Facebook group. Share the love so to speak.


You may be asking why do you need to put the time in. Why not just ignore one project for a while. 

Depending on your project this may work out ok. But many people run online stores, blogs, and even big social media accounts.  These all need or work better with hands-on time put in on a consistent level. You need to be prompt with your customers. sales.

Ignoring your blog or social media can make it fall back in the search engines which brings me to my next reason to keep up. I am guilty from time to time with this and it does not take long for the search engines to cool off and stop sending you visitors.

Don’t let all the hard work and hours of time that you have put into something previously, just waste away. Your Time Online is precious.

When Interest Wanes

It is just so easy to lose hope or to let your dreams of online success fade away. One of the biggest reasons people become successful online is because of their dedication and consistent efforts. Even in the face of seeing no results. It just takes time to get there yet so many give up when they may even have been only days away from success.

So coming back to the original question. Where to spend time online?

I say where it is going to count. A little quality time into your projects each day will keep them fresh, alive, and moving forward. If you want them to work out you need to make it happen.

What you do not have time for is neglecting what is important to you.

If you struggling to keep up with what you are working on either delegate some projects out to freelancers or cut some of the workloads you carry down. Simplify it. You may just be expecting too much from yourself. Many people write up too much each day in their diary’s and that just makes them feel like they have failed the day when they are unable to complete all the tasks for the day. Best give extra time for each task as there are often unavoidable hiccups when working online or even from home for that matter. Make each task count, make it add value to what you are trying to achieve and most of all give yourself time to complete quality work. Then as you tick them off as completed you will know that you have spent your time well.

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