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Timing Link to Success

This post is all about timing and how to get it right.

You may have heard from time to time how it is more productive for your business if you post on social media websites when your audience is more likely to be active.

Who would have thought, perhaps you have been utilizing social media for your website for some time and you fail to receive much response?

Suppose you live in Wellington NZ  and it is lunchtime., Tuesday. Your main audience is in the US, take just for one example New York. then their time is say 7 pm Monday. This may work out ok if you are posting to a  social media platform as this may be a time they are likely to be active on the website. Perhaps Friday – Sunday from 12 pm to 3 pm may be a prime time to enhance the success and reach. That could catch people in the evening Thursday through to Saturday.

Just imagine if where ever you are in the world and at the time of day you send ads or post your main audience is tucked up in bed asleep or at work. You may have just wasted a lot of energy and time. Your content may not have been seen which may explain the poor result.

Post at the best time to be seen

What if the time that you should post online just is not the time you are able to.

The idea of good time management is the ability to be able you use your time and all you do to enhance your goal and move forward. If you need to be posting out to your audience at 1 am then that is what you need to be doing.

The good news is that you do not need to be getting up at 1 pm to do this. Luckily there are programs available that can let you set up posts to go out at a certain time. This can also help you with your forward planning and advanced time management in the long run.


The following are a couple of sites that offer free or partially free Social Media Presets


Later.com offers a free option Take a look at their website Here

Hootsuite.com is a popular site that lets you start off and try for free. See More


You can easily run a check-in search and come up with options for you. Just think you can arrange your posts to go out when the timing is just right for your audience to view your content. Hopefully, you will then see more interaction and reach to your content.

While I ran a search I came across a website called Sprout Social that has a lot of good information on timing with social media, well worth checking out. Here is a link.

This is a great way for you to manage your time in a more effective manner and get the most from your hard work.

Out Time is Precious and utilizing every method possible to make your time count will help give you the edge online.


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