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Did You Ever Want to Stand on a High Hill and Scream?


The pressure of just wanting to get things done especially when you have a major deadline to meet can be huge. So if you are trying to work in an environment where you are having to stop your work for constant side interruptions then you can only expect that the day will come and go without being about to close off a completed days diary.

This could be a good time to walk to the top of that hill.




There are two ways out that I can see.

  1. Put a stop to all interruptions.
  2. Accept that somehow you need to work more effectively with them.

If you are lucky and your interruptions are totally controllable then you may be able to streamline your day and put them to one side for later when you are free but what if you are working from home with young kids or a dog that tend to bark at every sound. In this case, finding, quality time to concentrate on your business is just not going to be easy.

Learning to work around your interruptions

What options do you have? Here is how I see it.

  1. You could get up very early in the morning and put a good hour into your business before the rest of the household rises.

  2. Move everyone into

  3. something that gives you time to concentrate.

  4. Drop the kids at daycare for part of the day or even offer to pay a sitter who is home with her young kids to watch them for a couple of hours.

  5. If you are interrupted by constant noise from influences that just cannot be stopped then a soundproof wall in the office might just be the ticket.

  6. Put in an hour or two in the evening to free up your day and concentrate on other things tension free.

  7.  a strict daily routine that allows you quiet uninterrupted time. Perhaps an hour resting with a book or afternoon Tv hour for the kids. Just

Working from home comes with its challenges but working in an office work environment can be even worse. Workmates constantly asking questions, phones ringing, meetings etc.

Making the most of the work environment your in is sometimes the only option. If you can make a routine work for your special set of circumstances you won’t feel so stressed at the end of the day.


But really if you are working from home then you are a person with passion and drive. If you are trying to work around the family then some days just won’t be easy some days will be so much worse than others. Then there will be good days where you make amazing progress. Embrace it. Live the dream.

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