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Time Management on Paper

The Art of Paper Instruction

Maybe you have tried time management practices yet your day just turns into its usual tangle. There are different means and ways of getting things done. Here is a very basic way to train yourself into being a very time-managed and well-organized person. Map your entire day out on a piece of paper.

This all sounds rather simple and basic you may be thinking but if you are having difficulty staying focused this can actually work.

Paper Train

How can this help.?

Staying in control with an entire list of things to do in your head is never going to be easy unless you have become extremely disciplined in the skills of Time Management. However, if you list everything you would like or need to do on one single day in a follow-through order, then you have a physical guide.

How can a guide help?

  1. A written down guide helps you to keep moving forward and stay focused.
  2. Physical prompts can spur you on.
  3. Having a plan to follow allows you to work in sensible and productive steps.
  4. Working to written instruction can help to keep your time managed.

I am sure if you were to adopt your day to a written plan then you will use your time a lot more wisely.

The Total Satisfaction of Making Progress.

How good it feels to just get things done. Complete each instruction on your list and tick each item on finishing.

Write your daily instructions in a book

This just simplifies everything

TheĀ  Other Bonus of Following Paper Instruction

Apart from the obvious the added bonus of recording daily actions on paper is that you have a record to go back over should you need to. You can see exactly what you have done. Leave a line or two between each entry so that you can take important notes should you need to.

How can this help future Time Management?

Following a plan can make you focus. It can create an organized atmosphere and enforce formality.

Don’t leave anything out, be organized, achieve your daily goals, and most importantly get things done.

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