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How to Progress Online with your Business- Set Deadlines

Set Deadlines To Ensure you are able to Progress Online with your Business.


It is just so easy to become sidetracked while working online. You need to ensure that you stay focused.

When you have a deadline to meet you tend to stay focused and mindful of the job that needs to be completed. We all have deadlines to meet whether it be buying a gift for someone’s birthday,  being prepared and ready for an exam, even down to just having the green garden bin ready and full by a certain day of the month for pickup.


These are just examples of many deadlines that we have to meet throughout our lives.

Life is full of deadlines or must-do -dates.

Setting yourself deadlines can be a useful tool in the Time Management Pencil Case

Progress Online in Steps

Are You Struggling to Progress Online Business?


If you are struggling to complete important tasks with your home business you could set yourself a Timelimit. Mark a date on a calendar be strong and tell yourself that you are going to complete your task by that date.  No alternative, no trades just treat it like a very important paper or article that has to be handed in by that date or it will cost you money or perhaps you will miss an important event or similar.

Even if you do not have an official deadline this is a useful way to avoid procrastinating.

In short, running to a deadline can make you make it happen.

You Could Set Deadlines for example.


  • Give yourself 2 days to write an article and publish it.
  • Promote your website in 5 different places by Friday
  • Write and launch an Ebook by the 1st of next month.

For this to work for you, you need to be disciplined and actually act on it That is the entire reason for having a time frame to meet. It means enforcement, being focused, being organized, staying mindful until the job is complete.


We tend to work well when inforced by a Time Limit and that’s where set goals can ensure completion.

When we know we have to be ready by a certain date we tend to make it happen. This keeps the thought of getting the task done close to the surface with a sense of urgency.

Once you have met that date and completed the task set yourself a new deadline to accomplish the next task on your list. Step by step you shall be working closer and closer to your ultimate goal.

Manageable stages are so much easier than one huge project with no clear direction to follow.

Don’t stagnate, set time frames and get it done.

So if you really are struggling to get things done try setting a date and work towards a date marked on the calendar.

You could also use the paid work mindset to ensure the completion of work.


Tip- To progress online, don’t make your task too massive for the amount of time you are setting as the deadline.

Keep it achievable to ensure success. You need to judge the time you give yourself wisely. This becomes easier over time. The aim is not to overload yourself with too many expectations. If your short-term goals are reachable you will easily be able to meet your deadlines.

Work your business around what is manageable for you. We are all different and we also do not all have all day to chase out online dreams. it is good just knowing that you are working on your plans and ticking off goals towards making progress online step by step along the way.

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