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Procrastination Closes Door To Online Dreams

One Crack In the Pathway to Progress When Working From Home is Procrastination.

I can certainly relate well to procrastination, as it has been a major pothole for me throughout my life.

Sometimes the best of intentions go astray or at least can be easily sidetracked.


Here is how I describe procrastination.

This is how procrastination affects my life.

Remembering that we are all different and have our own set of triggers.

I have a plan, task or expectation of what I am going to do yet as the day unfolds I become sidetracked begin other tasks to which have no relation and soon lose my way to what I really wanted to do. You could say that maybe I even find ways to avoid it.

When working from home this can easily disrupt progress and get in the way of reaching future goals.

This happens to me Maybe this happens to you too.

When it does happen I sometimes am aware that something deep within me is sabotaging progress. I have no way of stopping it almost like I want it to happen. But Why?

I was reading an article the other day where it was clearly explained that people do not act sometimes because they do not allow themselves to act. Sounds very similar.

All of this can be a major problem, and perhaps needs a change in mindset to combat it.

There are many other reasons why people procrastinate.

Do any of these reasons sound familiar?


  • You create excuses and reasons why you can get away without doing it.
  • You plan to do a particular task yet suddenly find yourself doing other things.
  • You shy away from beginning the task as you feel it is too difficult.
  • You create reasons that it may go wrong become anxious and shy away.
  • You avoid doing something for fear of what others may think.
  • You lack motivation and avoid getting started.
  • You fear failure so do not allow yourself to act on it.
  • You are not confident in how to start or complete the task so it is easier just to not go there.
  • Avoiding action has simply become a habit.

So just how can we conquer procrastination?

Eliminating the reason you procrastinate may help. Then you can start working past that hurdle that holds you back.

Perhaps then you can find a way to overcome the barrier that stops you and focus on succeeding with what needs to be done. You need to push past the barrier and allow yourself to get on with it.

Maybe the task is overwhelming or too difficult.

You could try setting up some groundwork first. Set up some framework and simplify the steps you need to take to reach completion.

Could it be that the task you need to complete just bores you to a state of inaction?

Tell yourself that once it is out of the way you can forget it and move on. Or even give yourself reward time for completing it with something more enjoyable after completion.

Do you often avoid something for fear of failure?

Facing your fears and winning can be exhilarating. Treat it as a boosting exercise. You will feel good afterwards.

You find it easier to just shut off and spend time on tasks that just let you tune out. Like TV etc.

In this case, you need to look at the entire picture. You need to act if you want to succeed. It boils down to your drive and input. It’s your decision, at the end of the day, only you can make it.

Well, what can we do?

Working from home allows a suitable atmosphere for procrastination.

We need to override it.

Start early in the day and make a start on all your important tasks of the day first. You can relax and cruise for the rest of the day. Go in and just do it before you have time to sidetrack yourself. Don’t give yourself time to think, just act and tick off each step as you go.

Reward yourself later in the day for your success.

You can bet it.

I have learned to curb my procrastination these days. Really I believe because I want to succeed and I want to see things done. I like it when I keep up.  Now even when I am trying to put something off I now just stand up and get into it. Get it done. It appears to be getting easier as I go.


I have found a really great article that can help you to recognise and work on your procrastination issues. Click Here


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