A Positive Mind Fuels Motivation

How about Waking each Morning With a Locked In, Positive Mindset. Such a Positive Mind That You are Bright Eager and Totally Motivated.


Just as a smile is infectious, positive thoughts can also take over and dominate once practised. You can train yourself to seek out the good in everything. Learn to make the most of what you have and be content with it. See every opportunity that comes your way as a lucky bonus and grasp ti.

Learn to enjoy the free and natural things in life.

Enjoy a little star gazing. Cloud watching walks in nature, taking a walk on the beach listen to the waves and find ways to boost the soul.

Keep your surroundings in order.

It is easier to stay motivated when you are living in tidy and efficient surroundings. The habit of automatically tidying up after yourself and being well organised and prepared not only saves time but also keeps positivity moving forward.

Block Out the Negatives.

Negatives take the back row.  You have learnt to be on a positive channel and that is where your primary focus is. When people get caught up in the negatives of life they struggle to get things done. So learn not to even entertain them. Keep your mind focused only on good things.

Think about it.

What you want to do.

Do what you love doing

Keep your mind busy doing what makes you happy.

Believe in yourself


Keep Yourself Busy, Movement Means Motivated.

Be active,  get up with the birds, get a fresh and positive start to each day. Think about all the things that you love and work on bringing more of those things into your future.

When something does not quite go your way just shove it aside and stay in your happy zone. Step over the negative and keep moving forward with a positive mind.

Overcome the Negatives that Truly Crush the Spirt.

After saying all the above, and yes the above is how I live and it’s great, however, I am aware that life’s pressures can be heavy.

When you are programmed in the positive not too much gets you down. But there are negatives in life that are hard to ignore.

Positive Mind

3 Negatives the Many People Struggle With. Don’t let them bring you down.

  1. Money- This can be tough and not having enough or not managing your money well can really bring you down. If your finances are always dragging you down then a visit to a budget advisor may be the ticket. You could also sit down with a pen and paper and set them into shape. Setting up auto payments into bills weekly has worked for me. Sort of set it up and forget. Auto payments, into savings, account no matter how small, also take the pressure off and leave you with a  worry-free buffer.
  2. Untidy, cluttered and over-busy lifestyles tend you leave you pulled back and struggling. You can easily focus on lightening the burden and keeping everything manageable. Learn to say no.  Not easy for some of us but other peoples demands can really get in the way.
  3. Other Peoples Negatives Can sure be a drain. Not easy to avoid if they are living in the same house or they are around you at work. Just let your positive thoughts be more powerful than their negative ones. You may do them a favour and help them as  It may even rub off on them.

Having a positive mind is a happy and refreshing way to be. Once set in place it will just become a natural way to be. Well worth putting a little effort into, to begin with, focusing on until it becomes just the way you are.

Enforce a Positive Mind every day.

Surround yourself with what makes you happy, be organised, tidy, look after yourself and your health. Seek out the positive, think it, see it feel it and just be aware of it all around you. Feel charged, fresh and alive.

Use online to enforce the positive. Learn new skills, find real bargains, like positive posts on Facebook so more of them get fed to your timeline. Follow other positive people on social media websites.

Seek out some positive friends who love to do what you love to do.

Do something to help someone else out for free and enjoy the feel-good buzz.

Most of all, learn to accept and be grateful for what you do have. Live within your means. And aim to make your dreams a reality.

If just one reader comes to this post and swings their thoughts into a fresher more positive and happy way, then I will be glad I took the time to share and write up my outlook on positivity. 

Motivation will come with a positively charged mind.

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