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Online Tips

Helpful Tips for When You are Just Starting Out Online


The following tips may help if you are feeling lost, usually disorganized, don’t know how to begin or if you are just getting nowhere with your online business dreams.



  • Practice being routined and tidy at home and in your everyday life. Form good habits.

  • Have a plan, choose your Niche or business idea, and set it in place.

  • Train so you know exactly what to do so you can begin working on your business.

  • Draw a physical work map from the beginning to your final goal. Steps you need to take.

  • Get a daily diary to keep a daily action schedule 

  • Join a Forum in your Niche so you have inspiration and help at hand




Helpful Tips When Writing Your Daily ScheduleTime T Break


  • Stick to a routine and complete tasks at the same time each day.

  • Work tasks together eg Write a post then, immediately share to social media.

  • Make your daily schedule manageable with extra time for hiccups. Avoid overload.

  • Complete important tasks first.

  • Allow yourself free time, exercise, and breaks to eat have a cuppa, or go for walk.

  • Take at least one day a week off.

  • Keep a notebook and jot down good ideas and things that need doing to refer to.


Useful Online Tips to Save Time


  • Bookmark sites and tools you use often for easy access.

  • Creating a new website? spend time getting the foundations right.

  • Unsubscribe from emails that are not relevant. Clean up your email

  • Focus on your business block all sidetracks

  • Automate whatever you can. Especially Social Media Updates.

  • Pay for help when something is just too complicated. Get it sorted fast.

  • Use a spell and grammar check app

  • Don’t Juggle 10 things at once. Focus on one thing at a time.

  • Keep a notebook on hand to jot down good ideas, note things to do, etc.