Multitask Can Work for Time Management.

Multitask As long as You are Good at It.

I was reading an article on the relationship between multi-tasking and Time Management and the article leaned on the side of it not being effective.

I have to say is that I did not actually agree

To multitask can save a ton of time as long as you are good at it.

I am well aware of how helpful multi-tasking can be at being time-efficient as I practice the procedure every day.

Without trying to single out any particular group,  I feel that I do have to mention that parenthood trains you to multi-task. You learn to move swiftly and to cover a number of tasks in a group. If you have been there I am sure that you are well aware of how raising children forces you to think quickly on your feet.

Being Efficient With Multitasking.

Here is the trick, to streamline a number of tasks in a group, the tasks need to complement each other. They need to side up to each other or cross paths.

For example, around the House.

The following are some basic examples that show how you can easily double on a couple of tasks at the same time.

  1. You are going upstairs to get your shoes, on the way you grab the clothes basket with folded washing and take it to the bedrooms and quickly put it away then grab your shoes and return downstairs. You have now covered two tasks and saved the extra time it would take to complete a separate trip upstairs with the washing.
  2. You have put the pan on to poach eggs for breakfast, jugs on then you have time to tidy up the kitchen while you are waiting for breakfast to be ready. Two tasks, both centered in the same area and completed simultaneously.

Multitasking works well when there is a common link between them. They are either interconnected or in the same area so that you can easily double up with outgoing completedly out of your way to carry them out.

This works in a similar way online.


  1. Create a graphic that can be used on multi websites.
  2. Write a post that can be shared out on all of your social media websites.

Again these things link together and enable you to use them to cover a series of planned tasks. I do have to say it is not so easy online to multi-task as you need to concentrate on completing a task and finishing it well.  You can easily side tasks up to compliment time by following through one after the other as they relate to each other.

For example.

  1. You write up a new post on your blog, then add graphics. You can add a graphic suited to Pinterest then immediately load it onto your Pinterest account.  So you have created a nice post and then graphics for your post and one of those graphics is also ready to cover your Pinterest board. A sort of multitasking.

But What Does Not Work so Well Online

You may relate to this, as I certainly relate and I am guilty of juggling many different online projects a once. You may not be working on them all at one given moment but you are still trying to build and grow them and in effect multitasking.

Why do I say that this does not work so well.

Building a business online task effort and focus. Building several businesses online can be overwhelming. Many end up being neglected as you just can not spread yourself far and wide all of the time. Perhaps it would be easier if these projects were linked in some way together but just too much if they have no common relationship. So unless that you are running them on autopilot this may not be such a good idea.

You can do one or even two businesses well or several poorly. It’s up to you.

Multitasking does not work well if you take too much time or if you leave tasks half completed.






How do you Multitask and do it well? Here are some tips.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Be mindful of all that you need to do.
  3. Side up tasks or work them together when they have similar denominators.
  4. Work on always being efficient.
  5. Cover all that you need to do in the cleanest and shortest way possible.

You are either naturally good at multitasking, well-practiced at having to multitask, or totally have no idea how to do it. Work with what you are comfortable with.

Good luck with whatever you do.

Take Time





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