6 Steps- The Time Managed Lifestyle

Time Managed Lifestyle

Enjoy an easy lifestyle by adopting a few simple habits that will balance out your day. Put your Time Managed lifestyle on auto and relax.

Set yourself up for a relaxed yet ordered and streamlined daily routine.

The following is my recipe for a happy and balanced lifestyle.

Here goes -The Balanced Life

Living a balanced life is a combination of good health, happiness, satisfaction, progress, and acceptance.

6 Steps to adopt a happy and balanced lifestyle while working from home.

  1. Sleep Well- Rise Early- Sleeping well is the foundation for successful living.  It sets you up fresh for the day and helps you to start fresh and alert, Learning to get up early repairs and chargers your entire system. This for some is the hardest step to conquer. But it is a big step in the right direction.
  2. A Tidy and Organize Habit. Adopt a tidy and organized way for every segment of your life. If you have always been challenged in this department then you have work to do to create and continue the setting, but the benefits of being tidy and organized are huge. It’s not difficult once you get going and being well organized will just become natural and automatic with practice.
  3. Eat for Yourself, Eat Healthily- Concentrate on eating good food all the time. Have a good breakfast, think healthy when deciding what to eat, and drink lots of water throughout the day. You will soon start feeling good and even crave healthy food. It’s a win, win for you and all part of just being on top of things.
  4. Exercise, get fresh air and do what you love each day. I am lucky because I love walking in my garden, staring at the stars, and just being in the outdoors. A good walk on the beach with the camera is the perfect pickup for me. Whatever rocks your boat, try and slip a little exercise into each day.
  5. Your Dream, Your Project, Your Business.- Run to a routine with this each day, stop everything, work to a schedule, and progress forward in steps with this each day. Whether 2 or 6 hours a day, set the time aside and focus solely on advancement towards your goal. You need to feel happy at the end of each day. You need to feel like you have moved forward and made progress.
  6. Relax – Take time out even just for an hour, read a mag, sit in the sun, have a cuppa with a friend, or sit and play with the kids.


The above are 6 steps that help line up a balanced life.

I am aware that there are many other factors in life that put great pressure on us and impact our thoughts and days in a large way. Sometimes we let it slip. But each day is a new day and each day we start over fresh.


I have only mentioned finances as this can really hold us back. It is the one thing that deeply impacts us in so many ways. I am not an expert on finances. I have lived on the edge and I have learned to get by without expecting too much. The only thing I do know is that putting a little aside on a regular basis can ease the pressure and worry of paying bills and buying food. Learning to be happy and getting by with less helps also. You need to find a way that works best for you.

Having some savings put aside for a rainy day sure eases the pressures of worrying about money.

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