Is Time Speeding up as we Age

From time to time the discussion has arisen about, “is time speeding up as we get older”. This has happened to me and it is incredible how fast time appears to fly nowadays.

What really brings this thought to the foreground is when an anniversary or something is spoken of or is televised on the news and we can hardly believe that a number of years have passed since an event. It is almost scary and certainly incredible that something that seemed like yesterday actually happened years ago.

My Thoughts

When analyzing the scenario myself I have always thought that as we get older we just have too much going on. So much more crammed into our lives, that it creates an illusion of speeding time. However, after looking into what others have researched about the subject, time speeding as we age has been proven. It appears that as we get older our processing times affect our perception leading to time passing faster. Weird you may think but yet a reality.

So the answer to is time speeding up as we age is yes, it sure is. It is not just the imagination.

Tame Time

What to do, can we slow time down?

Where does that leave us as we get older?  Can we adjust and slow Time down?

Due to the fact that I myself would love to be able to slow my days down a little, it is worth noting that some people have ideas on how to slow time down. These are what I have read on ways to try and slow things down.

Try new things  I really like this idea as we just get so set in our ways and stagnate a little as we age, We need to try new things, keep busy and enjoy new experiences to keep life interesting. So this is well worth a try.

Practice Mindfulness  This is another goodie, slowing down and being mindful of all that is around us and especially of what counts can only be a good thing.

Keep a Daily Diary  Write up the good stuff from each day, the things that you have enjoyed and got the most out of. Why not slow down a little and take time to reflect and capture those moments that count.

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enjoy each moment


Slow life down

Try not to think of too much stuff at once, take time out more. It is also helpful if you don’t try to keep up constantly with everyone around you. Say no sometimes and do less for others and more for yourself. Live your day on your terms and make the most of each day.

When I ask myself now, is time speeding up, I know it truly is and that it is time to make each day count.


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