Using Time Management Sills for Saving.

How to use Time Management Skills to Help with Savings.

Sweep Up This New Year as we check out how to use Time Management Skills in other areas of Living including to assist with saving and finances.


If you focus on saving then you are more likely to save.

To achieve in any situation you need to be keen and really want to do it. You also need to be focused on taking action.

Although Time Management appears to many to be overwhelming at first in reality once you practice the steps of being on top and organized in life they soon become just a natural way of being.

In saying the above and considering my New Year Resolution today, I soon realized that you can run your finances in a similar format set up to Time Management. Let’s find out how to use Time Management Skills to clean up finances.


Clean up Your Finances and Focus on Saving.

Let’s Compare

  • Plan– Sit down with pen and paper and go over a general monthly bank statement, write down weekly, monthly, yearly bill priorities. Look at your weekly incoming from payslip to outgoings.
  • Simplify- Arrange auto payments onto your bills weekly. (eg instead of paying a large amount quarterly or yearly divide into weekly installments and set and forget.)
  • Clean Up- If you have too many payments going out and your finances are on top of you, then it may be time to take a good look at your situation. Borrowing finance and credit cards make juggling finances tough. If you are struggling to keep up it may be worth taking out a one-off loan on low interest and paying everything off leaving just the one-off loan to concentrate on.
  • Eliminate-  Don’t spend your money on what you can do without.  Cook your own meals, make your own lunch, make your own coffee., Walk when you can. Shop good foods and avoid expensive packaged and heavenly processed options. Shop around for the best prices, a great way to make savings. Avoid expensive finance traps. Avoid credit cards and hire purchases.
  • Set a Goal- Banking even a small amount each payday or week to your savings is a start, More if you can but just be consistent and auto payment an amount into a separate account. Have a figure that gets you excited to aim at and helps to keep you focused. Saving almost seems addictive after you have been doing it for some time.

By cleaning up finances, having auto payments in place you can be in control.  You will be amazed at how this lifts money pressure off.

Concentrate on having a saving mindset over a spending mindset.

How to use Time Management skills

Managing money needs to be set up organized and consistent. But once you have control then your finances will just tick along in the background.

You can see the comparison of Saving to Time Management Steps.

Planning, prioritizing, simplifying, consistency being tidy and organized with a goal to reach all play their part.

If you are wondering how to use Time Management Skills to enhance your life. The good news is that you can move these skills into every aspect of living. Not only business, home management and finances but also health, dieting event managing, and more.

Get organized, get living, balance, and be happy.

I have found a very good article that offers a good insight into Time Management and Finances. Click Here.

To Note

It is all very well comparing how to use time management skills to clean up your finances. Once you have these skills then it is time to roll them into action.

It really then comes down to your actions.

I feel the need to mention that a degree of self-discipline also plays a role in achieving all goals. You may need to break bad habits but the benefits outweigh early discomforts. You will be amazed how after a very short amount of time that adopting your Time Management lifestyle just slots into everyday living.

You can achieve and succeed. Aim for want you want and go for it.


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