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How to Learn Time Management

Time Management Comes with Practice and Experience.

The question gets asked time and time again,” How Can I Learn Time Management”? You see this very question asked on forums, in comments on Social Media and I get it. With the huge amount of info online the subject can appear to be a minefield with no clear pathway ahead.

This Got Me Thinking

For somebody that truly has no idea where to start with general everyday Time Management. It may be slid into the too-hard basket.

When people write online about a subject they write from their experiences or from their views.  This does not mean that their interpretations will fit in with or be what works for you.

Perhaps there is no straight or fast rule for all when it comes to Time Management.

What you need to do is seek out information on Time Management, Read, watch videos Check out some courses (there are many free ones). Then take from what you read or learn the best parts that work for you.

On top of this, I have a set of rules that can help with Time Management.

  • Be routined organized and tidy.
  • Follow a daily plan. (wite it down if that helps.)  Stop for breaks at the same time, wake up at a set time, etc.
  • Set goals that are easily manageable and complete them each day.
  • Above all Stay focused. Be mindful of Managing time well and staying organized.

Keep it Simple and Create Your Day so that it Works for You.

Work your Day and Your Time in to make sure that your day is comfortable mapped out. Work your day in so that it blends seamlessly together comfortably without confusion or stress.

Actively adopting good Time Managed routines will help to teach you as you go. In effect, the entire process will get easier as you go. You will soon work out what works best for you and what makes your day productive and happy.

Small steps at a time and being focused on using your time effectively will set you on course for learning effective time management.


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