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3 Steps to Reduce Overload for Effective Time Management.

Let’s face it if a task becomes too difficult or the time it takes to complete is suffocating then effective time management may take the back door.

When you overload yourself with work and expectations, procrastination is known to flood in and shield you with a wall or a way to escape it.

There comes a day when you have to realize that you simply can not do everything at once. At least not in half the time it should take. Cutting corners and just doing half a job may cause more damage in the long run.

When writing up your day’s schedule make it doable. Give yourself plenty of time and remove stressful overload.

Effective Time Management is all about Balance.

To live the effective Time Managed Lifestyle you need to keep yourself moving along on an even keel. That is time balanced and with little pressure.

It is all about keeping order, running to a well set out plan, and being comfortable and confident that you know how to manage each step.

In time most of your well-managed day will slot in comfortable with a habitual routine.

But to be effective you need the motivation and focus to complete each task successfully.  If the task ahead is too daunting you may find yourself making excuses or avoiding even starting it.

effective time management

The Following are my 3 Steps to Simplify and Remove Potential Overload from your Daily Schedule.

Effective Time Management Starts with Planning.

  1. Write it Down- A daily schedule or planner to follow is a good dose of motivation in itself. If you try to keep everything in your head is will only lead to overload and many things being forgotten. You can either use a physical record or digital. But having a pen to paper is more effective in my view. You can easily jot down ideas, tick off the completion of work and have a good record to look back over.
  2. Set The Day Out in Manageable Steps. Write out your day’s routine in a way that you can easily manage it. Be kind to yourself and don’t give yourself so much to do that you become exhausted just looking at it.
  3. Take Good Breaks Many of us just keep going at it and ignore downtime so, in the end, become tired and lose focus. Time out to recharge will take away the pressure and keep thinking clear.


Trying to do too much only ends badly. Good things take time so space yourself out and stay consistent. That is all that you need to do.

What if a Task is huge and overwhelming?

Ok I know not everything is created equal and maybe not always easy.  There are often tasks that we need to do online that seem enormous. Sometimes it may seem worse because we lack the skills and knowledge to execute it.

If I was facing such a task I would ask myself first. Is there a simpler way of tackling this?

Maybe I would look at getting help from a freelancer. I often run a search when I am really stumped on something and more than not a quick solution is found.

I find the best way to deal with things is just to chip away bit by bit. Again your daily schedule comes in here. Break a big job into step by steps and slowly work your way through. Instead of looking at the big picture just put your time and effort into small sections at a time. A lot less stressful.

Effective Time management does not need to be difficult.

Just well set out and followed step by step.

Set yourself a daily plan that you can easily do and stick to it.

Take Time


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