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Online Project Map a Good Way to Start Your Business


Create Your  Online Project -Map to Use as a Guide to Refer to as yo need to.

You have your plan locked in place. Your mindset is ready and focused. You are working on or you have been through a training course. It’s time to act. You could start with an online project map.

You can be very organised in your mind yet when working online it is so easy to lose your way. You may easily suffer from information overload.

That’s where your project map comes it. It sets out the basics so you can stay focused and follow through with all the actions you need to build your business from the ground up leaving no stone unturned.

When your mind goes blank and you’re writing up your daily diary schedule you can refer to your map and make sure you have all the bases covered.

Online Project Map, Business Plan, Action Plan whatever you call it. Make your map unique to you and your own project.

Write it up so you can easily understand the overall outline of the business and what needs to be done to build it and run it effectively.


Below is my example of a very simple blog map.



Online Project Map



Your map does not need to be fancy.

It just needs to cover the basics of what you need to do You can keep it on the wall of your office to refer to or pop in in the back of your diary so you can refer to it while writing up your next days schedule. Once you have done this you will rolling ahead and ready to set your routine.



3  Good reason’s why drawing up a project map is a good help and useful to have on hand

  1. Use your map as an all in one on hand reference to view important details and actions needed to effectively move forward with your business
  2. As a guide when writing up your daily schedule.
  3. As a physical inspiration to help you stay focused, driven and to stay on track.

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