Being Organized and Time Management are Equal

Is good Time Management really as simple as just being well organized?

I believe the two, both Time Management and Being well organized are equal.

Here is how I see it.

Take a look at being organized

You have the day well stepped out, you plan ahead, you know exactly what needs to be done next, you are always on time, your tasks are often completed ahead of time.

Does this sound like being well Time Managed to you? Very much so I say.

Take a look at good Time Management

You have a schedule timed out for tasks of the day, you have put this in place ahead of time, You have set out the important tasks to complete first, you make progress through setting a plan in place to follow step by step. This allows you to complete tasks on time.

Be Organ


You can easily see how these are one of the same after looking at examples.

If you are struggling with the concept of Time Management, finding it all overwhelming then perhaps it may be easier to work on your organized action skills and simplify things down a little.

As will good  Time Management, once you focus on being organized you will soon adapt and it will just become part of your way of life. The start will small steps.

Here are some ways that you could improve your organizational skills.

Wake up at the same time each day.

Make your bed first thing,

Set out the breakfast table before going to bed.

Keep a weekly Meal Planner and Shopping List

Plan your day ahead of time

All these things although small, are a good start to help get your thoughts channeled to being organized. Small steps lead to big steps and then eventually it will become just the way you are. Super organized.

Here is one way to learn how to be organized. These extremely popular books are available on the Amazon website.

organize meal plannerThis meal planner is one of my books. It is an example of how you can use a handy book each week to stay organized and on track with meals and shopping. There are a range of these books available from bookstores and websites like Amazon

To Note

There is a range of planners, Logbooks, trackers, and more for many avenues of life. All useful for staying on top of your daily planning.




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