Balanced Lifestyle

A Balanced Life is a Happy Life.

A balanced life is a happy life.

The meaning of this can stretch far and wide. I am going to view my interpretation of a balanced and happy existence here in this post.

I would first like to say that we are all so different and that we all have different plans, dreams, tastes, needs, and expectations. My balanced lifestyle may not mirror yours as we all travel different roads and it takes a different group of factors to float each individual boat.

However, is saying that the concept is the same. A balanced lifestyle covers everything that is important to us. You need to be happy with the way you are living your life. If you are constantly feeling pressured or guilty that you are neglecting what you should be doing or the time is spinning past in an unrelaxed manner and progress is thin on the ground then you are out of balance.

Balance Out Your Day 5 Ways

  1. Create an environment that you feel happy, in control and relaxed with.
  2. Leave Gaps in Your Day to Enjoy You Time and Do Things That You Love
  3. Put time and thought each day into being healthy, feeling good and working on overall fitness.
  4. Have a daily work plan with reachable goals so you can progress and keep up with your online projects.
  5. Rest, find a way to get a good night sleep, allow timeout miro breaks throughout the day.


Environment –  I am a strong believer that cleanliness and tidiness are important to good Time Management. Personally, I do not operate well in a mess. You may be different and prefer to live and work in an untidy environment. Your desk may look messy by perhaps you know where everything is.  Remembering what I said earlier “Whatever floats your boat”. To be balanced and happy you need to feel comfortable in the environment around you. It needs to work for you.


Allow you time.  Your life is super important, that’s why to be happy and balanced you need to allow time to do what you enjoy, what makes you happy. You can not put off doing what you enjoy for tomorrow as you will be full of regrets if you never get around to enjoying the things in life that truly make you happy. This could be something simple like just going for a walk in the park or rummaging through a second-hand shop. You may love to paint or play tennis. Stop what you are doing and go for a swim on a hot day. Grasp the moment and find time to incorporate a little time into each day.

Health   This can be a challenge and If you are keen to optimise your health I would suggest focusing on what you eat each day the best that you can. With so much advice online about dieting it can be overwhelming. At the end of the day what you eat is your decision. I can only say the benefits of eating good food and avoiding too much sugar and fattening snacks, are huge. You can easily simplify this and just think healthy when deciding what to eat and be strong. It gets easier after a day or two. Drink lots of water too. You will soon notice the benefits.

Work Plan  Ensure by the end of the day that you are happy with the progress you made or the time that you put into your business. Use a diary, plan out your day, complete each task and feel satisfied.

Sleep  Depending on where you are with your sleep health this may be easy. Otherwise achieving good sleep may be challenging and could take research and effort to find out what works for you. But it really is so important. A good night sleep and an early fresh start to wonders for a balanced happy lifestyle.

This article may be of help with achieving good sleep.


balanced life

Your Lifestyle, Your Unique Combination of Balance.

I have come to learn over time that having a balanced lifestyle means doing what is important to you.

Running around after others all day only brings resentment. I guess what I am trying to say is that an important part of a happy and balanced lifestyle means recognizing what makes you truly happy and incorporating it into your day.

To be truly happy you also need to accept and be happy with what you have. Your long term goals may expand on that once you reach them but in the meantime, there is no point in exhausting your thoughts with what you don’t have. Instead, look at what you do have to work with and fine-tune it to total efficiency.

I have learnt over time that having money does not mean happiness. I have always lived on a low budget but watching friends and family who are on much better wages I can see that their lives are certainly not relaxed and as happy as mine. In saying that if your income is very small and you are trying to support a family you may have challenges to overcome.

Simplify your expectations and learn to value the small natural gifts in life.  Plant a couple of fruit trees, join a club, be thankful and look forward to each new day as your next big adventure.



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