What is Time Management

Many people wonder, “What is Time Management”.


I want to look at Time Management in its simplified form.

Time Management is when you organize your day or pick up a chosen or set list of tasks and slot them into an allocated section of time.

Each action compliments the next. Allowing efficiency of time.

What is Time Management- a set of actions that allow you to balance out your life, your day to make it work to its best advantage for you.

TWhat is Time Managment

Time Management and executing it is going to look different depending on whether you are managing a large business with employees or an individual working from home.

I do not go into Business with Employees, Time Management here as I have not had training in this area. This often involves using software to record employees’ actions and can become quite involved. If you are interested in Managing Time for Large business and managing employees I would advise seeking out a good training course to do so.

I am more interested in simplifying the individual work from home and personal Time Management to enhance everyday living here.

Good Time Management  While Working from Home Allows You to Move Forward.

With good time management skills, you can look after your health, stay organized and in control, feel a sense of achievement, naturally balance out your day, adjust easily to change, stay motivated and make steady progress with your online project.

Why are Some People Good at Time Management While Others Just Don’t Get It?

Many of us form habits from when we are very young. Unfortunately, the habits we form are not always good ones.

For instance.

You may have been taught to make your bed before school each morning or your bed may have stayed in a mess and you just crawled into it like that each night. If you are the one who made their bed each morning you were being taught in effect tidiness and time management. While the other unfortunately was learning a bad habit.

Here is another example.

Two children play rugby in the mud with their school shoes after school. On getting home one takes them off and just throws them into the corner of the deck. The other is made to clean them ready for school the next day.  Guess who stuffed up the following day and was late as they had to clean all the mud off their shoes before school the next morning.?  Here we have one child who is possible always going to be disorganized and late while the other is ready ahead of time and will always be. Learned skills.

I Believe That Good Time Management is a Learned Skill

Now we get to the nitty-gritty. Depending on your learned habits, will depend on how far advanced you are with time management. You will either need to clean up your act or just fine-turn it.

If you are naturally lazy and live a disorganized lifestyle you will need to swing far out the other way to make your life healthier and have more enhanced choices. I am not saying you can’t live at home in clutter and not win with your online dreams. As long as you focus, stick to a plan, run a diary, dedicate yourself and act. There is no reason why you can’t.

But maybe you would enjoy life more if you had a well-run home, time for yourself if you felt healthy and fit. You could have it all with motivation and practice.

Again we ask What is Time Management?

Good Time Management-  Everything is complete, balanced, and successful.

Bad Time Management-      Tasks partially completed, not finished, stressful, and not successful

I have found this resource that may prove useful in learning Time Management. Click Here


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