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Time Spent Online Yet to See Results.

Are you wondering about all the time spent online trying to create a business or income and yet to see results.

Do You Sometimes Doubt What You are Doing?

I have written this post from a personal point of view as these very thoughts have crossed my mind from time to time. Questioning myself and considering my status with chasing the big online dream has brought me to much thought and soul searching.

It is easy to just stop sometimes and wonder is this all just a waste of my time.

Am I wasting my time? was my first question.

After much consideration my answer to this thought was, no I am not wasting my time. Why? I realized quite quickly that I actually like chasing an online income. I would not be in the position that I am if I was not enjoying myself. The very thing that drives me forward in my quest to learn and act more online is to one day find success and create a passive income from home.

Simply put, I like creating articles, blogging and sharing my images. I also love the idea behind maybe one day quitting my day job and living off the income I have built up online. So this is an adventure never a waste of time.

Thinking Forward.

Even so, you cannot sometimes help but think and wonder forward into the future. That is really what drives you in the first place to chase the online dream, right.

The thought dawned on me once that I may spend years of time chasing a dream online and what if it just never pays off. What if I am never a real success after all this time spent online.

I do read from time to time that many people chase a passive income online just to end up failing and giving up down the track. First, it has never been my way to just give up. I am driven and I crave information always seeking new online passive ventures. So even should I fail to succeed I can only say that it has been one hell of a journey. Creating websites, trying new software, riding the marketing wave of the internet. Where ever I end up I have loved the time I have spent online and would not trade it to this day.

Time Spent Online

So my Time Spent Online has not been Wasted.

I have learnt so much. Progressed in knowledge.

However, I have made a pact with myself.  I decided some time back to seek a happy balance and not neglect other quality time.

In short, I have learned to balance time online with everyday living.

Here is an example of enjoying balance.

Anyone day may consist of, a walk in the park, go to work, take the camera’s to the beach, keep up with home and garden, enjoy lots time with friends and when the time is right I work online, often into the evening. This way my time is balanced and I have given up nothing else to chase my online dream.

There will never be regrets

So if all your free time spent online seeking an income makes you wonder and if you are yet to see results or your online business is not earning as you expected.

You may ask the questions

love the time you spend

Is this what you really want?

Will you be regretful if you do not succeed.?

Maybe more importantly, can you strike a happy balance and not neglect the rest of your life?

A little soul searching goes a long way.

For me, since I am so hooked on the online gig, I believe I will always be learning and trying to find a winning formula, but not without living a well-balanced lifestyle.

I have found an interesting read Chasing your Dream and hope you too may find inspiration while reading it.

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Just Remember, With good Time Management, you can have it all.


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