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The Value of Keeping Notes

I have just come to realize that keeping notes has great value when it comes to working from home and building an online business.

I now keep a notebook beside the bed as some of my best ideas tend to come to me at strange hours of the night. If you do not write them down immediately they can be lost forever.

In essence, having a notebook on hand and jotting down tips, ideas that pop into your mind, websites to check out, keywords worth persuing, reminders for later and so much more is a great tool when working online.

Let your notebook be your motivator on days when all appears flat.

Here is another useful reason to keep a notebook.

Think of those days when you are struggling to see the path ahead, you are feeling unmotivated and can’t come up with a fresh idea. Perhaps for a post or a new design for example. You pick up your notebook and flick through the pages and there it is. A great idea that you wrote down on a day that you were filled with eager inspiration. Just waiting to be acted on. Suddenly you feel energized and ready to move forward and get back into it.

Keeping notes can turn past thoughts into future success.

Without a notebook, your positive thoughts and ideas may be lost forever.


Why keeping notes is so valuable when working online.

From my experience working online is like being stuck in a maze. It is extremely to navigate to where you wish to be when new avenues constantly pop up and bombard you.  The leftover effect can be that you have been shown a whole load of nothing useful but there may be threads of interest and useful tips amongst all the rest.

That’s where your notebook comes in. See a good idea that may work in your favor. Don’t let it slip by, write it down for a time that you can take a better look at it.

There is so much information on the internet. We can’t deal with it all at once. Write it down and save it for a rainy day.

We need to grab on to the useful stuff while trying to stay on the planned pathway.

Those sudden moments where you suddenly see a pattern that works or realize the sequence of steps that need to go together may never be acted on as tomorrow some other idea has flooded your mind. Taking notes can be as good as a map showing you the way.

So What to Jot in your Notebook.

There are so many things that you can write in your notebook.

Perhaps a new software that you may like to take a look at at a later date.

Keywords that look good or even the layout of a title that seems to have been very successful for someone else.

Maybe a blog you want to check out later.

Or even a new marketing strategy you may give a try.

If you do not take a record or write it down it more than probable shall just get lost and never be acted on.

Keep your notebook on the ready.

The power of keeping notes should not be underestimated.

There are 2 ways you can keep notes while working online. My choice is a physical notebook. I do have to confess that I love little books, however, you could also go for an app that records notes for you. A digital or physical one may work better for you than the other.

Here are 2 of my design notebooks available at Amazon. A recent side project of mine.



Taking notes is also a must if you are on a webinar or learning new things. but for that,

You may like to take a look at an online system to help manage notes. Evernote and online notepad.

Check it out here

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