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I, PM Moir, 0910 Auckland, NZ  am the founder and writer of the content on this website.

I have created this website because I strongly believe that Positive Time Management can improve not only Online Business and Interests but that it can also be helpful and productive in everyday living.

I have lived my life in a tidy, and organized manner and soon came to realise after persuing an online income of the importance that Time Management plays in creating success.

In my training, I was instructed to create a Niche Website about something that I am passionate about. It took me 5 minutes to realize that the theme here was my choice.

About the Content, you will find on this blog.

I have written the Content on the Blog from my heart, it is what I truly believe can be of help to those seeking to grow and progress with their chosen tasks.

I offer no guarantee that the content I write on this blog will help and improve your mission in any way although I strongly hope that it may assist you in some manner or form.

Should you choose to follow tips and hints written in the content on this blog then you do so at your own choosing with no liability fallback to myself or this blog.

The content on this blog is original. the images are of my creations and both are subject to copyright.

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Lastly, I insert links from time to content on this blog.  These links are liable to go-to products and other websites with content that is in my view helpful and related to the content on this blog. Once you link out of my website I have no responsibility for the products or content you have gone to. I am responsible for my content only.

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Some content that I link to may be affiliate links to which I would receive a commission should you go to a product that I have linked to my content and should you purchase that product. This is at no extra cost to yourself. I would be given a small commission only for referring you. Called affiliate marketing.

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I have added a newsletter and I hope you sign up. My plan is to offer new posts, tips and info to keep keen readers informed. I will never share your details or email with another party.

I may update this page from time to time. I hope you have found this info helpful.


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