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Switch Habits from bad to Good

Here’s an idea, what if you could switch habits from bad to good habits and in effect save yourself loads of time.

I constantly strive to improve my life and I have also had to break bad habits so I decided to share tips from my past experience here.

Of course, you will not only be saving your self-time and cleaning up your act but you will also be happier, healthier, and more in control. Switching bad habits to good habits will enhance your future and streamline progress.

Turning Habits Around

Let just say breaking away from bad habits may all seem too difficult and on the surface, it does seem that way. But I look at it like this. With concentrated effort and a short period of time, you can crack the shell of a bad habit, and the days that follow just become easier with each step. But in essence, you really have to want to.

Take a look at some samples that can affect and disrupt every day lives of people


Sleeping in Verses Getting Up Early

Sleeping in can take a huge and valuable part of the day. More than often sleeping in just makes you feel terrible.  Oversleeping can be worse than having not enough sleep. It becomes a habit. If you need to have more quality time in your day then train yourself to like getting up early.

How to break this habit.  You need 2 things, you need to want to get up and get going and for the first week or two at least you need an alarm clock. By then the good habit has set in you will be motivated and eager to start the new day.

Being Untidy or Tidy and Organized

If you live in an untidy mess then you will struggle to make progress. Being tidy and organized not only saves time but you will most probably feel a lot happier and in control.

Tackling This Habit Will Take a Little Effort.

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Time to Switch Habits

Depending on the degree of this untidy habit you will have to knuckle in and put the time in upfront to correct the initial fallout from the habit. It is called a good old spring clean. But once you have put the world around you back in order you then need to from day one correct your past habits to tidy ones. This is what has worked for me. It is simple really. Just put things in their place and away when you have finished with them. Not piled up on the floor or the desk or the coffee table. There is a place for everything and everything in its place. Tidy and organized. Once you get to this point it is easy. You will forget your untidy habits and you will be keeping everything in order without even thinking. Your living space will be clear your time is uncluttered and more productive.

Procrastination Poses Getting Things Done.

Procrastination to me is even harder I believe to conquer than the two bad habits above. Maybe because this bad habit is truly within. I myself struggle to some degree with this habit, but the one thing that I have found with my online life and to keep this in check is by using a diary.  I

t’s funny but when I just think about the things I must do it is easy to let them slide but write them down then get into the daily habit of following them and progress is made.

Well, the diary helps with Online Tasks but then for another example, I put off going for a walk and getting some exercise constantly. I need to work on this. The silly thing is I like walking. I am not usually lazy. Not sure why I keep putting this off but again say I wanted to make a daily habit of walking. It would be a good habit. The only way to stop procrastination here is by being disciplined by taking the first steps.

Switch habits that do not work for habits that do work.

I found a really good article that explains and that can be helpful when you are ready to switch habits. Click Here

These are just three examples in daily life but to sum up, changing bad habits to good habits can be done by wanting to change and taking the steps to change. Once you break the initial habit it becomes easier as you go.


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