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Make Your Online Time Count For Business Success

When it Comes to Online Time You Need to Work Out What Works Versus Waste of Time How to Eliminate.

This is especially going to ease the pressure for those who are weighed down by volume in daily tasks. When your online time is precious and you want to use it wisely.

The idea of Time Management when working from home is to utilize the online time you have in a way that gives you the best performance possible.

It is so easy to get sidetracked online or spend the time that is not helping in any way to move your business forward.

Here are Two Actions That May Swing Your Daily Routine Towards the Positive.

  1. The first way is to give yourself an audit.

Take a look at how you spend your online time.

Separate what simply has to be done and mark that as important. To add first to the day’s list.

Record yourself over a couple of days and time with notes on exactly what you are doing.

Are you getting sidetracked, perhaps on social media, perhaps you are spending too much time creating graphics or getting lost in forums? You may be able to score some hours back by just staying tunnel vision and focused on the reason you are visiting those websites.  You can go back later and play in your free time.

While fine-tuning how you plan to spend your time, you need to stop a moment to consider exactly what you want to achieve. It pays to always stay focused on the end goal that you are working towards.

Ask yourself questions, are you working on tasks that are moving your business forward? Are there other things you think you should be doing that are being put off as too hard and you lack the active motivation to get these completed? Maybe these things could boost your business forward more than what you are doing.

Do what effectively needs to be done first. Write your diary from most important, then work your day from there.

Fine-tune, cut, and slice and make every action count. Delegate what you are struggling to do, automate where ever you can. You can automatically post out to your social media accounts. This also eliminates becoming sidetracked while on those sites.

Clean up your email, if it does not help you in any way you do not need it. Set times to check email so you do not find yourself wasting time there over the day.

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      2  Monitor your Business or Project from the back end to work out what works and what does not appear to be working.

Monitor Your Data analytics

Another way of keeping an eye on what is working well online is to monitor your data analytics. It can tell you who is checking out your website, where they are coming from, how long they spend on your site. Work out where your traffic comes from, what ads make sales, what articles draw your visitors in etc.

If you know exactly what is working for you then you can concentrate your time where it works in the future.

For a serious look at your business and to get a professional working design it may be worth considering hiring a professional business analysis to fine-tune and create an effective and working program design for you to move forward with.


There are many free website analytic tools to help you keep an I on how you are doing. They are not difficult to find online.

Here are two well-known tools you could check out.

  1. Google Analytics–  Free- This is a good place to start with a lot to offer and Google knows exactly what’s needed. Free to install. A good place to start.
  2. Piwik  I have not tried Piwik, However, they often are mentioned in the top choice options for Analytics Tools. There also offer free choice and have a lot to offer. Worth a try.

Also, use Webmaster tools to help keep an eye on your website. By joining and adding your website you may also become indexed to google a little faster if you are just starting out.


Time Management

There are so many tools online to help you with your business analytics, keeping in mind that many of them have a monthly fee,  so it would be time well spent to research, check reviews, and find the one that works best for you


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Take Time

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