Just In Time

Hello There,
Save Time.

Lucky you found your way to my blog.

Here is how this all started.

I wanted to start a blog. I needed to find a Niche. A niche that I was passionate about. I considered other Niches, Eco my runner up. But truly I am passionate about finding a way to make a living from home and needed to pick a niche that I could easily share and write about.

So yes it came down to an Eco Niche or Time Management.

I chose, as you can see, Time Management.

I am a naturally Time Managed person. I guess I learned from an early age. As a youngster, I managed much of our home life. Cooking, cleaning as being raised by a solo parent who worked 7 days a week. Somebody had to step up and take the controls. I was cooking dinner and had my hands in dishwater daily. while others my age were out enjoying time with their friends. Life for me went more smoothly if I just put my head down and got on with it.

I learned very quickly to become organized and routined.

As an Adult

I spent 11 years managing staff 7-day week roasters. With am, pm, and lunch shifts and tuning them all in to meet clients’ needs so I learned quickly to prioritize, synchronize and work extremely fast and efficiently.


When it comes to Time Management I have become naturally good at it.

In saying that, the online world has its own set of challenges. When I first started online, I was bombarded from all angles and it was very hard to keep focus.

There was just so much information. I guess you may say information overload. A bit like an overcluttered house but instead it’s my mind that has piles of info to sift through.

The Internet is Information overload.

So I have created this blog from the ground up to share my experience of Time Management in the hope that my readers can enjoy an organized and stress-free existence at home in their everyday lives and also in their online lives.