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Being Confused with Information Overload

Information overload has been one of my biggest hurdles to reel in while working online.

Is it a time-waster? Perhaps in most instances yes.

It is no surprise that whatever we take an interest in online soon jumps to our attention from every social media platform, website we visit, and even our inbox. It gets feed to us through sponsored posts and ads.

This comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage can be for eg, say you are looking for a particular product to buy. Ads popping up offering that very product with tempting sales may be just what you are looking for and in this case, may just play into your hands and even save much time wasted searching.

That’s the good side

The Disadvantage can blow your mind with information overload and make you totally lose focus. eg I will use an example that I have experienced in a big way. This literally took me off my path for a very long time and although I did learn and pick up valuable tips along the way. It took my focus away from my true goals and brought me close to what can only be described as professional scammers. Who each promise that they have what you need to succeed online. For a small fee. (to get you in the door.)

Tip Save time and trust nobody online. 

Save heartache and time by doing a little research before stepping in.

save time

Here is my Story.

Some years back I stumbled upon the concept of affiliate marketing and it appealed to me so much that I paid money to learn more about it. I began following the blueprint in the course. Submitting articles with my affiliate link then placing free adverts and also signing up to free email blasters. Of course, nothing ever came from doing this accept I was suddenly targeted as candy from other affiliates with very well worded capture pages offering an easy solution to my online dreams. As a total newbie, I fell for many of these offers and eagerly handed over more coins to find out more about their false hopes and promises.

In the end, all I really had was bits of useful information and a ton of confusion. The more information and offers that sprung out before me, the more overloaded my head became. In the end, I had learned small snippets from every angle of affiliated marketing and making money online but with no solid footing or pathway ahead. Many of the ideas that were presented in these flashy sales pages appeared to me to be unethical once I watched the training introductory webinars.

Escape the Information Bombardment

I have since learned to take no notice of new flashy promises and offers and they no longer get fed in front of me which has allowed me to think and see the path that I wish to forge ahead with for myself.

The Way Forward

The internet is both useful and unuseful depending on how you use it. You need to work out what you really want to do and stay on track no matter what, even if it takes time to see results. Keep your eyes on the goal ahead, keep at it, and with luck results will soon show.

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