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Am I Wasting My Time Chasing The Online Dream

We sometimes choose how to spend our time.  It just so happens that there is are a large number out there who dream of making money online from home. Some may be working on an online business and building it up from the ground up with limited funds while others have been entranced by the idea of a passive income. If you are walking a similar path you may at times find yourself asking the question “am I wasting my time? while chasing the online dream.?

First I have to say that I totally relate to the latter of the two. The passive income to me seems to be the perfect scenario to living the way you choose while not having to worry about where your income is coming from.

It truly can be a set-and-forget option. Time in now get paid later.

Chasing the Online Dream takes time and Commitment.

I have literally spent many hours, days, weeks, months, and perhaps even years if you added them all together chasing the online dream. I have walked many roads Tried this and Tried that. Perhaps without the dedication needed to bring success from any of the ways that I have looked into. All of that said I do not believe that I have wasted my time for two reasons.

  1. I am so interested in the subject that I have enjoyed learning so much about it.
  2. I do not believe all the time I have spent online has been for nothing. I also have photo websites,  blogs, 2 t-shirt stores, a good Pinterest following and so much more to show for it.


Let me explain myself more clearly.

online dream

Time learning can not be a waste of time

From all of the time, I have spent online I have learned so much. A multitude of strategies to earn an online income and should I have chosen anyone and stuck to it consistently perhaps I would have made my passive income.

You may be asking why I have not stuck to anyone in particular.  There is a multitude of reasons.

For some, I stopped the training as I did not like where it was going. Earning money by riding somebody else’s back, dropping links to products that involved an element of trickery or spamming social media tend to send up a red flag with me. That’s where I turn a corner and try something else.

There were other methods I have followed, photos, T-Shirts, Pinterest, and blogging. I am still learning with these and enjoying it so I certainly do not mind putting time in.

Blogging sparked an interest in photography and so I now have reasons to walk and do coastal trips with my cameras.

I would be dishonest if I said that I haven’t at times wondered about what I am doing.

Working part-time just to come home and glue myself to my laptop.

Like many, recently I hit a wall.  I stopped and wondered whether I should just give it all away.

But just as my thoughts were to pack it all in.

Something new came along that has totally blown me away. it is like putting on a shoe that fits so perfectly. Not sure why I haven’t found this idea before but I have stumbled upon a passive income idea that is just so suited to me.

The best part is that it is bringing everything, all the time that I have spent online, everything I have learned together. Creativeness, marketing skills, confidence, and a light at the end of a tunnel. I believe I may have found what I was looking for all of this time. The perfect passive income.

The fog is lifting and I have a newfound hope. A way forward and I am loving it. The online dream is alive and well and I am excited about the future.

So if you are asking yourself if you are wasting your time. I would say don’t give up on the dream. But what I would say to you is to balance out the time you spend chasing the dream with the quality time you give to the rest of your life and move forward with no regrets.

You see I believe you would not put the time into something unless deep down that it’s what you really want. If the way is unclear ahead just keep working on it and keep moving forward. Until the sun comes out and shows you the path. Sooner or later you will find something that fits and that works for you.

If an online income is really what you want especially if you are just starting out.

There will be much time spent online before you find what is going to work for you.

Putting the time in to train and try all ways, learn new skills, finding solutions is often the way forward unless you have been lucky and found the first way that you have tried has worked for you.

You need to ask yourself, do I really want this. Am  I willing to put long periods of time in beforehand to find a way and to make it happen? At the end of the day, it is your choice.

Live it with no regrets.



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