7 useful diary tips

7 Ways a Diary Helps With Online Time Management

Having a Diary is a Must for Online Time Management.

There are many good reasons why you should date your diary daily. I like to think of it as the core of online time management. It is like having a right-hand worker by your side.

Don’t begin working on your online plan without a diary.

You can use your diary to keep control of all of your daily tasks.

Here are 7 good reasons to keep a diary by your side.

1 Your Daily Action Plan

The Diary is by far the best way to organize and act on the important daily tasks that you need to complete to make progress with your business online. Having a daily action plan to focus on ensures that you complete what is important effectively each day.


2 A Physical  Track Record

A diary enables you to keep a track of what you have done. You can also track useful details eg blogs you have commented on, websites you have submitted to, customers and correspondence, etc. Plus lock in future appointments.


3 A Guide to Follow

Life becomes so much more ordered and easy while working online when you have a work schedule to follow. You can write up the schedule the night before and tick tasks off as you complete them.

Diary Useful Time Management tool


4 The Best Time Management Tool to Ensure You Make Progress

Following a diary each day and completing each task means you are making progress and heading in the right direction to fulfill your goals. Without having a diary you may well waste hours getting sidetracked and failing to do what needs to be done for your business each day.


5 Time Control for Time Management

You set out your daily schedule giving appropriate time for each task, putting what’s,  important first Locking collective actions together eg(writing a post and sending directly to social media) or ( make days’ worth of graphics together). Enabling yourself, time out gaps and inforcing them. Using time effectively to complete all that needs to be done.



6 Keep Record of Ideas, Tools, and Useful Extras

When we decide to build a blog or business online we soon become overrun with information overload. Amongst it, all are useful, guides, tips, and information that are worth checking out and may prove useful. Note these in your diary and use them to fill in gaps to be checked out when you have a moment.


7 A Physical Inspiration

I love this reason the most. You move away from the online atmosphere and become one with your plan, your business, your goal, and your diary. With clear thoughts and fresh thinking, new ideas can surface that boost inspiration and keep the passion alive to keep moving forward


The diary can truly become your number one tool

Other Helpful Resources on using a diary.

I found this really helpful article that is well worth the read gives great meaning to the usefulness of a diary for Time Management. Read Here













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