3 Ways To Act on Online Goals.

In this post, I share what helps me to act on online goals and how I increase my chances of completing them.

How many times have you started the day with the best of intentions yet closed the day with little progress being made.? So easy to do while working online.

It is very easy to become sidetracked and to find yourself getting absolutely nowhere day in and day out.

That is why I adopted a plan to ensure that I motivated myself, have a guide, and work my way to the end of the week feeling satisfied that I have made progress.

act on online goals

The following are the 3 Ways that I ensure that I act with my Online Goals.


  1. Up with the Birds, Do it now, Do it First, Do it Fast  This has to be good. Get up early, have a good breakfast, and get stuck in. While the day is early and while you feel awake and fresh, Just start, do and finish it. Complete your daily online schedule by lunchtime and then the day is yours. No excuses.  Stay disciplined and just get it done.
  2. Stay focused with a Colorful Wall Poster that’s in your face.- The driven factor that comes from visual reminders and stimulation is a great energy boost.   Place a motivational calendar or create your own goals to follow poster, use props like coffee mugs or articles on success stories from genuine people that have walked a similar online path before you. Whatever it takes to keep you at the moment and highly focused.
  3. The Diary  My all-time favorite tool – I just love working from a dairy, it’s like have a very special sidekick that is working for you and keeping you on track. Use it, follow it, tick it off and end your day satisfied.

Below I have shared a link to my wall poster that I have easily and quickly designed on Canva. It covers a weekly basic goal pattern for my blog. By having this on the wall by my desk I can ensure I follow through with a weekly routine to keep it fresh and running.

Take a look.

My Goals Make it Happen

 If you checked out the above poster and you want to make your own for free. Visit Canva, this is my go-to website. You can easily create social media posts, graphics in fact anything I would say. It is quick efficient and I highly recommend this website,   You can join under a free account with no problem and even post out directly from this site to your social media accounts. Click Here


Find ways that work for you.

You may have many ideas for what pushes your buttons and inspires you to move forward and focus. Perhaps if you listen to a taped recording or put a picture of that house you are going to purchase when you reach that ultimate goal on the wall of your office. That would make a very good motivator.

If you wish to make progress then acting on online goals either daily or weekly is the best way of moving forward. IT also keeps you fresh, keen, and interested to follow your dreams.

Remember, every success story started at the beginning. They all started with a dream. Sometimes good things can take time.

Go get it.

Reach Goals



Everything that we can share here helps to motivate others too. Comment on all your ideas or ways that have helped you to keep your goals on track. Comment below.

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